Allen HS Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony

May 26th, 2023 7:30pm
Eagle Stadium, Allen, TX

About The Class Of 2023

Allen High School is proud to celebrate 1,767 seniors at the Class of 2023 graduation ceremony. These seniors have distinguished themselves in this most unique of years. We are proud of your dedication and commitment over the past year and look forward to what you will accomplish in years to come.

Ceremony Order

  1. Imaal Ali

    Imaal Ali Senior Class President

  2. Presentation of Colors

    Allen High School Marine Corps JROTC

  3. Allen Eagle Logo
    National Anthem

    Allen Eagle Choir Members

  4. Imaal Ali
    Introduction of Guests

    Imaal Ali Senior Class President

  5. Elena Reyes

    Elena Reyes Student Body President

  6. Dr. Robin Bullock
    Superintendent Address

    Dr. Robin Bullock Superintendent of Schools

  7. Sarah Mitchell
    Board of Trustees Address

    Sarah Mitchell President - Allen ISD Board of Trustees

  8. Rishi Gandikota
    Salutatory Address

    Rishi Gandikota Salutatorian

  9. Rhea Kanuparthi
    Valedictory Address

    Rhea Kanuparthi Valedictorian

  10. Matt Russell
    Principal Address

    Matt Russell Allen High School Principal

  11. Matt Russell
    Presentation of Class

    Matt Russell Allen High School Principal

  12. Dr. Robin Bullock
    Acceptance of Class

    Dr. Robin Bullock Superintendent of Schools

  13. Allen Eagle Logo
    Diploma Presentation

    House Principals

  14. Special Presentation
  15. Kyle Bittiker
    Turning Tassel & Ring

    Kyle Bittiker Student Leader

  16. Allen Eagle Logo
    Alma Mater

    Senior Members of Choir

Top Ten

  • Rhea Kanuparthi
  • Rishi Gandikota
  • Isabelle Pan
  • Veda Kutagula
  • Allyson Chen
  • Maryanne Park
  • Neil Thakkar
  • Sanjana Kishore
  • Samuel Tsao
  • Navya Nanda

Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Robin Bullock
    Superintendent of Schools
  • Sarah Mitchell
  • Kevin Cameron
    Vice President
  • Dr. Polly Montgomery
  • Sam Abiog
  • Amy Gnadt
  • Elle Holland
  • Dr. Bill Parker

Allen High School Administration

  • Matt RussellPrincipal
  • Gwen DiltsAssociate Principal for Curriculum & Instruction
  • Jessica WarlickAssociate Principal for Operations & Student Services
  • Race HinkleAssociate Principal for Support Services
  • Larry LabueExecutive Director STEAM Center
House 100
  • Amy DunnAdministrator
House 200
  • Shelly HolmesAdministrator
House 300
  • Ridwan WilliamsAdministrator
House 400
  • Greg SmyderAdministrator
House 500
  • Nicole JordanAdministrator
House 600
  • Greg PierceAdministrator
House 700
  • Melissa BlankAdministrator
  • Jami ManleyLead Counselor
  • Kristen Barger
  • Brenda Boysselle
  • Kaylie Dipprey
  • Krystal Gipson
  • Cynthia Greenwood
  • Carrie Howell
  • Andrea Jordan
  • Carah Marquez
  • Donna Marshall
  • Jamie Nabors
  • Amber Purtell
  • Angela Sharp
  • Laura Zavala
STEAM Center
  • Richard JordanCoordinator
College & Career Center
  • Stephanie Alford
  • Mary Ricks
  • Charlotte Samuel
  • Katy Spaniel
  • Mary Beth Sunderhaus
  • Bianca Tovar
  • Chanteau White